Totally Reliable Delivery

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Every day thousands of packages are delivered all over the country. We are used to perceiving it as a trivial part of our life, delivering parcels actually takes much more hard work and skill that we think. After all, nobody likes receiving their goods cracked or broken. You can see that for yourself playing Totally Reliable Delivery Service!

The gameplay is quite simple, but thanks to the abundance of various interesting situations, you can enjoy the process to the fullest. First, our character needs to go to the parcel warehouse, where he receives the box itself, after which this box must be dragged safe and sound to the car. Then we already set out to the desired destination and unload the parcel there, getting points for this. True, of course, this is a simplified retelling of everything that happens, while in fact, delivering at least a box to the vehicle is already a very difficult task. You can drop the parcel on the floor at any time or hit it on something, after which it will be dented. And when the package is damaged, you will lose some of the points that could have been received for a successful delivery, so you should be extremely careful and calm.

The developers focused on the realism of physics, so if you want to enjoy what is happening, you will need to spend the lion’s share of time learning how to move correctly and how to control your courier. It’s hard, almost unrealistic, but it’s worth a try. After a certain addictive process, it even begins to bring a lot of pleasure. You need to control the hero’s hands, move carefully so that he doesn’t fall. And remember that you still need to drive your vehicle! Learning how to combine all these aspects and keep everything in your head requires a lot of concentration, so it’s not just a primitive arcade you can play almost automatically. Getting the package delivered will cost you titanic efforts!

As to the graphics, you shouldn’t expect a very spectacular, realistic picture. The designers decided to follow the path of a funny settings making an emphasis on simple textures and models. But that only adds more charm to the game that is already highly exciting and completely corresponds to its spirit. Discover all the fun and thrill of Totally Reliable Delivery and make sure all the parcels land safely into the hands of the customers!

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