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When you hear a name like Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, you expect something like a historical reconstruction of legendary battles, with a great degree of realism and documentary plausibility. In this case, though, it’s nothing more than irony! Here you can see plenty of wild and impossible stuff – for instance, a hairy caveman with a club attacking an armor-clad knight. Or a huge mammoth tramping furious Vikings. Or even minotaurs going against modern-day gunners. And all of that is interspersed with lightnings and fireballs thrown by mages and gods. This can’t really be called accurate, but it’s surely a lot of fun!

TABS 2 has become more advanced compared to its predecessor in terms of graphics and animation. And of course, physics. The fights run between curious-looking models of silly men.
And although the whole process is far from serious, the developers have put in a lot of work to make funny rag dolls move just like real people. But of course there is still an element of clumsiness that only makes the whole process more hilarious. You’ll see everything – lifelike interactions between the warriors, falls and recoils, convulsions and well-designed ballistics.

The authors of the game offer you an ability to fight in various time periods and epochs of global history. Or ignore the boundaries of time and plausibility altogether and make all possible units collide in one funny chaotic combat. Despite the totally entertaining essence of the project, it offers a lot of variety in terms of units and weapons. Every category of soldiers is broken into subclasses with slight yet tangible differences. So there is plenty of space for experimenting and discovering new subtle nuances of tactical art all the time.

The second part of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator expands this diversity even greater. You can now try an even wider selection of soldiers and the missions in the campaign mode have become more fascinating and challenging. Do you think you have the right frame of mind and the talent of a true general to guarantee victory for your troops? Even if you are far from planning out large-scale battles right now, you’ll surely improve that skills after playing TABS 2 for a few days. And, in addition to that, you will also get plenty of positive emotions!

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