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Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, or TABS in short, is a tactical strategy in which you can put different fighters against each other and watch how they fight. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Then why does the game have so many fans and support? Let’s figure it out!

For those who are not familiar with TABS, here is a brief explanation of the essence of the game. It is quite simple: you land on one of the maps with a certain amount of money. The map is divided into two territories – the “blue” and “red” sides. Using your money, you need to buy and place units in order to defeat the army of your enemy. If this is a campaign, then the hostile troops have already been position on the other side of the battlefield. If it’s a sandbox, then they must be placed manually.

After arranging your soldiers, you press start and watch how they fight. When the battle begins, you can’t control the troops, and the units always move only towards the enemy, so the whole point of the game is to place the right warriors in the correct ratio and arrangement. And it would be very boring if it were not for the physical model of the game!

TABS uses both realistic and fun physics models. It is plausible in the sense that all objects take into account the presence of each other. For example, if your fighter swings his sword to strike the enemy, but a wall gets in his way, the sword will hit the wall and no damage will be done. If a stone from a catapult hits a mammoth, then the mammoth is repelled, staying on its feet, and may fall – it all depends on the direction of the impact and position of the mammoth. But the environment is still not destructible.

The physical model is funny because the actions of the soldiers, their attacks and blows are made in the style of ridiculous ragdolls. Units push each other, fall, rise, push and fall again. Minotaurs grab enemies with their hooves and swing them like weapons, hitting other warriors. All this is accompanied by hilarious exclamations and screams, which creates a truly absurd and exciting atmosphere.

For those who like to enjoy the physical model to the fullest, the game has a slow motion mode. But keep in mind that physics doesn’t simulate what is happening 100%, since the game has traditional values of experience and damage. Find out more about this awesome arcade, get your share of positive emotions and enjoy the crazy events unfolding on the screen in Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

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