Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2020

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Are you ready to become a glorious general and lead your army into a hot combat? Do you have the talent to plan out a perfect arrangement of troops on the battlefield and come up with a winning tactics that will make your enemy flee? You will find that out after playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2020! The new version has an even wider lineup of soldiers to choose from and also updated physics to make the fights even more realistic!

TABS is unique in the fact even the same units can fight with different results. If you put two identical swordsmen from different sides in the same position and start this battle repeatedly, you will see a different result every time. After all, with each launch, the angle of impact will change a bit, due to which the attacked unit will slightly squint and fall, knocking down allies behind it, and all this will seriously affect the outcome of the fight. With a successful coincidence of circumstances, one of your swordsmen will be able to kill even two or three of the same enemy – it all depends on how the physical model of the warriors behaves. And that’s one of the things that makes TABS interesting.

There are plenty of units in the game, all belonging to different epochs or even myths. Among them you will find prehistoric warriors, peasants, knights, antique Greco-Roman heroes, vikings and many more. Each set includes both real (knights, hoplites) and fictional creatures (minotaurs, bone mages, Zeus himself, etc.). There are also artillery in the form of ballistas and catapults, plus archers with various effects (arrows with freezing or throwers of poisonous potions). These effects, by the way, are also based on the physical model. For example, poisonous potions will cause enemy units to gradually die in the process.

The game doesn’t indicate the parameters of the units, and there is not even their description. Thus, the player is kind of pushed to try and see what each of the warriors can do and what happens if you put him against someone else. In general, units from each set are interesting and unique. Berserkers literally jumping on the enemy, farmers riding a wheelbarrow and throwing fruits, legionnaires who push with their shield, Zeus, throwing lightnings down on the hostile troops… There are even mammoths, healers, magicians and units like bards. You won’t have to complain about the lack of diversity! Discover more playing the fresh version of TABS online!

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