Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2019

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In all times, people have enjoyed a good fight. Waging wars is in human nature. Even now, when everyone is for peace and progressive values, military conflicts don’t stop exploding in different corners of our planet. But of course it’s much better to give way to your aggression in a way that doesn’t really hurt anybody and poses no social threat. One of the things that will help you quench your thirst for fights and victories is a wonderful game called Totally Accurate Battle Simulator!

Here you are going to act as a commander of a huge army ready to rush into combat at a mere wave of your hand. Or more precisely, click of your mouse. You won’t take direct participation in what’s happening on the screen – just watch the results of your tactical preparations and yield the fruits of your success. Or try to fix the mistakes that led you to a failure. If you are lucky to win the match, you will receive a certain amount of money that will allow you to unlock new, even more powerful and advanced troops and reach more impressive results next time. Whether you prefer to play the campaign mode discovering units from various epoch step by step or plunge right into the entire diversity of them in the sandbox mode that allows you to combine any kinds of soldiers at will, you are surely going to enjoy the process!

The game is designed with a certain degree of realism, but it’s purely conventional because the action unfolds between two crowds of funny rag dolls. True, their moves are based on real-life physics, but the cartoonish animation won’t let you look at this freak show without at least a few chuckles. This is just what makes TABS so popular – its foolishness and the absence of any serious, grave elements giving you an impression that you’re really at war and carry responsibility for the outcome of the fight. No, everything is completely careless and even if you lose, that won’t disappoint you very much. After all, another match is at arm’s length! Play Totally Accurate Battle Simulator 2019 online and get sheer pleasure from its ridiculous and fascinating gameplay!

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