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Imagine two crowds of rag dolls standing on the opposite sides of the battlegrounds. You would have call them armies, but something doesn’t add up. The troops are way too motley: you can see hairy Vikings swinging their axes next to soldiers from Napoleon’s epoch, and then there is a squad of wizards lifting their staffs and murmuring their spells. What on earth is it? That’s TABS mobile, and it gives you a great chance to plunge into the very epicenter of an epic battle that is about to start on the screen!

Due to the sophisticated physical model, you won’t see battles on a really grandiose scale. Of course, you can put a huge number of soldiers in the sandbox, the game doesn’t limit you in terms of quantity. But even the most powerful smartphones are unlikely to reproduce such a massive event at an acceptable frame rate. So here you will have to be content with smaller skirmishes, with an average of 50 units on each side. But that doesn’t make the action on the battlefield any less fascinating and spectacular!

So far the game has 2 modes – campaign and sandbox. The sandbox allows you to create any battles with any units. The campaign is divided into three stages: introduction, adventure and challenge. The first stage will gradually tell you all about the units of each faction, so if you’re new to TABS, it’s recommended to start with it. The other two stages contain a total of about 100 battles that will test your tactical skills.

Each fight doesn’t last more than a few minutes. Of course, some missions are difficult to pass and you will have to have a shot at them many times. Anyway, the game has so much replay value that you don’t have to worry about finishing the campaign too fast. A slight change in the balance of units can alter the whole course of the battle. You don’t have to control your troops – your task is just to position them on the map and then sit back and enjoy the show!

TABS mobile is definitely worth playing even if you are not a fan of tactical battles. It will be so much fun even to take a look at the physics! You won’t see this in any other game available today. Another thing that attracts many players is the ridiculousness of what is happening on the screen. Sometimes it turns into a complete chaos! Whatever the reason you decided to try TABS, you surely won’t regret it!

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