Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) Game Play Online for Free

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is an addictive emulation of frantic combats between absurd little people who suffer from ragdoll physics. Or enjoy it. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is that there are a good deal of absolutely incredible military units awaiting you, including disheveled bards, snake shooters, cowardly duelists, lords of lightning, passionate vampires, peasants on carts and many other caricature freaks who are ready to arrange ridiculous and bloodthirsty battles at your will! Are you eager to begin? Then let’s go to the battlefield and see what we can do with all this diversity!

Cavemen vs. medieval knights and wizards vs. canons!

If you try to define what makes TABS so exciting and popular, you can come up with three main things – the great amount of units, the fun yet realistic physics and the total craziness of what’s going on. Together, it creates a groovy mix absorbing all of your attention from the very first minutes of the gameplay. The assortment of soldiers you can recruit to your army is really huge. Some of them come from real historical epochs, some clearly belong to modern days and some are known to us only from myths and legends.

The best thing is that you can arrange them just like you wish creating unlikely combinations with unpredictable effects. There are also secret units that can be unlocked only after you spot them on the map which gives you an urge to play more and more. Gathering an army will cost you a certain sum of money that can be earned for victories. The thicker is your wallet the more soldiers you can afford – and you don’t have to spare on cool, expensive units. So it’s in your best interest to show tactical literacy and position your troops on the battlegrounds in a way that will give you as much advantage over your enemy as possible!

Great physics, exciting campaign and tons of fun!

The gameplay of TABS in the campaign mode is broken into chapters representing various epochs and burning you to different maps. Each chapter has challenging levels that need to be cleared before you can move further. Players start with the minimum amount of gold. They can choose from different types of playable units such as footmen, spearmen, archers, crossbowmen, spartans and cavalrymen. As you progress to the next chapters, new units will appear. By the way, you won’t be controlling them directly during the combat. Instead, you just have to do all the necessary arrangement and then your role is simple – sit back, relax, watch the spectacle!

You can move the camera around the screen focusing on most spectacular moments, slow down or freeze time at all to enjoy particularly hilarious scenes. This is especially exciting when you play the sandbox mode where it’s a common thing to see peasants fight against minotaurs and cheerleaders attack a continuously shooting cannon. Cute graphics, funny animation and great sound effects add to the plausibility and at the same time complete insanity of the action. See if you can emerge victorious from these epic battles, improve your tactical skills and just have fun playing Totally Accurate Battle Simulator online!

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