Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Last Version

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The new version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will please the fans with improved graphics and smoother gameplay without freezes and glitches. But the recognizable features of the game have not disappeared. Firstly, these are funny, slightly “cardboard” models of soldiers with bulging eyes, painted in the colors of the opposing sides – red and blue. Secondly, there is the unreal physics of collisions, which will make anyone who starts this game smile. Thirdly, with the update, sound effects have been added to enhance the epic atmosphere of the battles. Are you ready to check out all these novelties by yourself? Then it’s time to play TABS last version online!

During the game you will be watching the clash of two armies. On one side of the field are your troops, on the other – an army placed by the computer. After pressing the start button, the action begins. You can’t control your units. The player can only rotate the camera and slow down time by clicking on the mouse button. After a while, the result of the battle is shown and you either celebrate victory or mourn the loss preparing for another fight.

At the moment the game has two modes – “campaign” and “sandbox”. Passing the campaign, the gamer performs a series of tasks that become more difficult over time. Here, each unit has its own value, and the amount of money is limited. The campaign mode allows you to travel through different historical eras. In the beginning, you will have to take charge of primitive warriors with clubs, war mammoths, spearmen, and bone mages causing huge spikes to appear right from the ground. As you progress, archers, flask throwers with poison and much more will become available. This is a great way to get acquainted with all the units gradually learning their strong and weak sides. If you are new to the game, it makes sense to start with the campaign.

The sandbox mode, on the other hand, makes it possible to show imagination and bring any type of soldiers face to face, regardless of the price and quantity. Here you can compile your armies using all kinds of units no matter what epoch they belong to. It’s really thrilling to observe a confrontation of prehistoric hunters with French musketeers or even throw in a few legendary creatures. Learn more about all the great opportunities provided by the last version and enjoy TABS on our site!

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