Secret Units

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Aside from regular units readily available to any player right from the start, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator also features a bunch of secret ones that you can only unlock after discovering them during the gameplay. There are plenty of great and entirely crazy-looking fellows waiting for you in this list and searching for them is really worth the effort! So what kinds of TABS secret units are out there and can they really boast some unique characteristics and weapons?

The Renaissance map, for instance, will familiarize you with Ballooner who prefers to grab his enemies with his sticky hands, raise them into the air on his balloon and then simply drop them on the ground. Look at the sky more often to unlock him! Another unusual warrior is Fan Bearer who uses his giant fan to blow the opponents away. Or, if someone comes too close, just smack them with that very fan. He can be found on the Ancient map. And how about Shouter? The main weapon of this gifted Viking is a loud voice with the help of which he can produce a formidable sound wave knocking away everyone in the vicinity. You will also appreciate the skills of Taekwondo and Samurai soldiers who will amaze you with their stunts and mastery of martial arts.

Not all of the secret units actually represent people. There are also animals and mythical creatures – for instance, Raptor. To complete this unit, you can also unlock Raptor Rider. In his turn, Tree Giant will give a massive edge to any army smashing a huge tree on the ground and scattering small units in all directions. And don’t be surprised to see Cupid showering the battlefield with his arrows – just like the legend tells, making soldiers fall in love with each other and thus distracting them from the combat. Rather cunning and not quite ethical, but they say any means are good in a war!

There are also units that don’t fit any of the historical epochs and have travelled into TABS right from our modern-day realia. Here you can meet such guys as Bank Robbers and Cheerleaders. Finally, you can also take advantage of Bomb Cannon – not exactly a soldiers of flesh and bone, but a rather useful thing on the battlegrounds. This is only a short overview of what you can discover on various maps if you are attentive enough. Add even more diversity and thrill to your combats, plan out your tactics on an even wider scale and get new impressions from the gameplay by unlocking all TABS secret units that are waiting for you!

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